or "The Gods Grown Old", by W.S. Gilbert and A. Sullivan

Directed by Lynda Barrett-Mercer

7-10th November, Betchworth Memorial Hall

This is a unique production of the earliest G & S work, for which no musical score survives. First staged in 1871 as a Christmas entertainment, it ran for 63 performances, but was then largely forgotten, and never published. The story concerns a group of actors in ancient Greece - the original Thespians - who are invited to take over on Mount Olympus so the ageing deities can take a holiday on earth

Musical Director Ian Stone has worked with Lynda to painstakingly reconstruct the music from Sullivan's later repertoire, including one or two numbers which are known to have been in Thespis and then re-used by Sullivan 


Jupiter Patrick Gallagher
Mars Trevor Allen
Diana Pam Patch
Mercury Jane Khan
Thespis David Longes
Daphne Jane Johnson
Nicemis Margaret Longes
Sparkeion Carolyn Burnley
Tipseion Jane Seymour
Preposteros/Cymon Julian Warner-Edney
Prettiea Julie Bickerdike
Timidon/Stupidas Stephen Tickell